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Entry control is a critical element of industrial security and restricted-access facilities. An automatic turnstile or swing gate ensures that access to specific areas is limited to authorized personnel, providing a vital layer of enhanced security.

Dynamic Entry Solutions designs, installs, and maintains commercial security products, specializing in swing gates and turnstiles for commercial entryways. Known as a leading provider of retail swing gate systems on the east coast, we pride ourselves on our extensive training and expertise in turnstile installation and swing gate solutions for optimal business security.

As a subsidiary of Tomm Electric, we leverage our electrical and construction background to provide comprehensive turnkey services. Our offerings extend beyond just installation, including fixture setup, flooring, ceiling or wall repairs, electrical system upgrades, low voltage system integration, fire alarm wiring, and activation. Our aim is to save you time and money while avoiding the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors.

Through partnerships and certifications with leading manufacturers, we supply and install premium turnstile systems and swing gate security products. In addition to installation, we offer service, repairs, and replacements for private businesses, government facilities, and OEMs. We’re dedicated to supporting your business’s security needs and guarantee satisfaction with all our services and products.”

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Why Swing Gates?

As businesses expand, effective security systems are vital in safeguarding assets, employees, and facilities against unauthorized activities, theft, and burglary. Implementing security measures such as security gates and turnstiles contributes an additional layer of protection to your premises.

Let’s explore the benefits of swing gates:



Commercial swing gates, typically automated, open automatically and can be programmed for access control using motion detection or company credentials. Unlike manual gates and turnstiles, swing gates can integrate biometric access, time-specific public/private access, paid entry via QR code or credit card, and more, enhancing your entry control solutions.



Swing gates today are modern and appealing. Some are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and designs so you do not have to sacrifice appearance to adhere to the required level of security standard you need


Cost Effective

Swing gates can also increase your property’s value and reduce the manpower that is required at entrances, exits and other secure areas.



Swing gates enhance your facility security by allowing remote access monitoring, providing control over visitors without the need for personal intervention.


Regulation Compliance

Procuring and installing swing gates from a reputable company like Dynamic Entry Solutions helps ensure compliance with local codes and permits

For Example:


  • – Gyms seeking to optimize their entry process in an environment with limited staff may incorporate swing gates that work their member management systems for efficient front desk operations. In this way, gym access control systems allow for smarter utilization of resources, making every staff member count.- For urban gyms, swing gates and turnstiles serve as effective tools to curtail unauthorized entry. This step strengthens the facility’s safety measures and promotes an exclusive atmosphere, enhancing the overall experience for members and staff alike. Fitness facility turnstile systems represent a contemporary approach to secure, yet welcoming, entry solutions.


  • – Swing gates serve as a strategic tool in retail security solutions, helping to mitigate shoplifting at entrances and exits. They can be integrated with receipt scanning technology to verify shopping cart contents. Beyond that, these advanced entry control systems can safeguard vital areas like cash registers, self-checkout bays, and store backrooms.

    – In managing customer flow, swing gates effectively regulate the influx of shoppers during special events, product launches, and sales, thereby enhancing in-store experience and safety. They are integral components in the architecture of all Grab & Go Automated Stores, ensuring seamless customer movement.

    – Specialized swing gates, armed with smart technology, can be programmed to collaborate with third-party software, creating a comprehensive ‘Grab & Go Store’ system. These retail turnstile systems epitomize the fusion of security and efficiency in today’s retail landscape

    Commercial Office Buildings

    • – Offices looking for practical entry control solutions might explore labor cost savings with swing gates. These security gate systems can be used to cover lunch breaks, doorman vacations, or serve as an additional layer of facility security. Dynamic Entry integrates swing-gates / turnstiles to all systems.
    • – Offices without a doorman can leverage swing gates to secure their entrance without disrupting lobby accessibility. Companies that are downsizing or partitioning their space can install turnstile solutions or swing gates as an efficient, cost-effective alternative to building walls or lockable doors.

    Airports & Public Transit

    • – Secure transit areas while maintaining a smooth flow of authorized individuals with turnstile solutions designed for public transportation, airports, and transit hubs.


    • – Leverage the power of integrations such as anti-tailgating, anti-turnstile jumping, biometric and ticket management systems.

      – Strategically placed in high-traffic zones, smart turnstiles & swing-gates enhance entryway security with less staff, optimizing transit resources effectively.


    • – Keep classified or sensitive areas secure without building new walls by installing smart swing gates or turnstiles at the entry and exit points at the areas of concern.


    • – A pharmaceutical laboratory might look into installing a Swing-Gate System integrated with an Electrostatic Discharge Control System to ensure personnel ground themselves prior to accessing ESD-sensitive areas. The versatility of Swing-Gate Systems allows for innovative implementations such as these.

    Why Dynamic Entry Solutions?

    Our Experience

    • We are a leader in the installation of Retail Swing Gate Systems in the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Regions with over 1000 swing-gates or turnstile units installed inside Fortune 100 Retail Stores
    • Serviced hundreds of work orders in over on the east coast by replacing parts rather than replacing full swing gates or turnstiles
    • Because of this experience, we choose the best placement of gates using our extensive knowledge of building codes, ADA codes and pedestrian entrance patterns

    Our Construction Background

    • We have vast experience in successfully design-engineering projects and drafting permit documents using applicable building, handicap, fire, electrical and local codes
    • Our in-house CAD abilities, paired with partnerships with architects and engineers in all states, allow for fast and affordable blueprints
    • In-house installation, electrical and fire alarm abilities
    • Speedy inspection close-out process, full-time back-office staff and assigned Project Manager point of contact

    Our focus on great customer service

    • With our turnkey full construction services, we manage everything from installation of product, flooring, ceiling or wall repair, electrical systems, low voltage systems, fire alarm wiring and activation – for a complete, turnkey product, saving you time (and money) and the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors
    • Our reputation for always doing quality work
    • We are reliable. We answer the phone, show up on time and do what we say we are going to do!